Welcome to the beautiful Gjevilvassdalen valley – the gateway to the adventures of hiking in the Trollheimen mountains.

The trekking association’s (DNT) cabin Gjevilvasshytta is majestically located like a royal estate on the hillside above the lake Gjevilvatnet.

The cabin 64-bed is a staffed DNT lodge during the summer months. It’s a perfect base for hikes up legendary peaks such as Blåhø, Gjevilvasskamban and Okla, which tower close by, as well as for longer excursions in the magical Trollheimen mountains. 

The Gjevilvasshytta cabin is part of the popular triangle route in the Trollheimen mountains – a three-day hike between three staffed DNT mountain lodges.

Rauøra beach in Gjevilvassdalen. Photo: Visit Oppdal

Gjevilvasshytta is built from solid timber and is the oldest preserved DNT cabin in Norway. It offers a unique atmosphere and provides an insight into what life was like in days gone by. Gjevilvasshytta is a
protected building from 1819 with logs dating back to 1739, which makes it the country’s oldest building in use as a tourist cabin. This alone makes the trip worthwhile. Many believe this charming old building is the most beautiful tourist cabin in the country.

There is a beautiful beach at the end of the Gjevilvassdalen valley that will take your breath away. On a warm summer’s day, a trip to the beach Rauøra with its spectacular surroundings gives an almost tropical feeling high in the mountains. During the summer, you only get a bunch of Rauøra days. Nevertheless, it’s days like that that will create some of the fondest memories. Please note that the road to the beach is narrow and unsuitable for camper vans.

Playa del Rauøra. Photo: Martin I. Dalen

A bus service operates twice a week throughout the summer season (until 15 September). You can catch the bus from the bus station beside the tourist office in Oppdal to the Gjevilvasshytta cabin at the following times:

Thursday: Departs from Oppdal bus station at 15:25. Returns from Gjevilvasshytta at 16:05

Sunday: Departs from Oppdal bus station at 15:15. Returns from Gjevilvasshytta at 15:55