You will find marked trails for all types of mountain people, including those wishing to set off from the centre of the village. Feel free to stop by Oppdal Tourist Office for maps.

As Oppdal is surrounded by gentle and accessible hiking destinations, we have marked our most popular hiking routes from the Tourist Office, which is situated beside the train and bus station. This also makes it possible to plan mountain hikes in Oppdal without using a car to drive to the starting point. You can call this a green choice!


The Kåsen hiking area is easily accessible from the centre of Oppdal and has trails to suit absolutely every level.

Våtåhaugan: 984 m.a.s.l. – 9.6 km round trip
This is one of Oppdal’s most popular peaks. It’s clearly visible from the centre of Oppdal, where you can see the peak and cabin in the distance.

Kåsrandin: 756 m.a.s.l. – 7 km round trip
Follow the same path but turn off towards Almannberget. You will find a rustic shelter and barbeque area, which is ideal for a real break. Both hikes offer panoramic views of Oppdal.

The view from Våtåhaugen is stunning. Photo: Visit Oppdal


The easiest place to hike to in the Kåsen area. Facilities including fire pits, seating areas and a rustic shelter have been established around the lake. Elgtjønna means “moose lake” in English. The gravel path leading around the lake is suitable for prams, wheelchairs and children’s bikes. The pine forest stretches right down to the water’s edge. Elgtjønna is an exciting place for children! If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of the endangered and vulnerable lizard species – the smooth newt. You can continue from here to other trails and marked routes in the Kåsen hiking area, which has trails to suit all levels.

At elgtjønna you can have a nice bbq. Photo: Visit Oppdal

SKJØRSTADHOVDEN: 1125 m.a.s.l.

11 km round trip (600 m climb)
You can reach the top of Hovden by gondola, but you can also walk up! This is a nice hike with a steady climb and is easily accessible from the centre of Oppdal. The World Cup trail in Hovden is known as the steepest alpine ski slope in Oppdal. Most people can manage this hike by following the service route around the mountain instead of going straight up. The route is well marked, so it’s impossible to go the wrong way. When you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view of the whole of Oppdal. The Hill 1125 Restaurant at the top can tempt with light lunches, oven-baked Italian pizza and cinnamon rolls from the local baker. We recommend taking the gondola down or hiking down the same route you came up.

You can also catch the gondola to the top.


The Vang burial site just west of the centre of Oppdal is a magical and unique place. It’s the largest Iron Age burial site in Norway – and one of the largest in Northern Europe – with around 900 burial mounds gathered in a beautiful cultural landscape. The burial mounds date to the Late Iron Age, especially the Viking Age c. 800-1000 AD. The Vang burial site covers an area of more than 100,000 m² and is roughly 700 m long. Walking along the path and wondering what has been and still is hidden here makes for an exciting walk. Information boards have been set up along the path.

Please keep to the path when exploring the site. 

Photo: Visit Oppdal