There is more to Oppdal than mountains and skiing. People have lived here since the Ice Age, which has left its mark. If you spend a few days in Oppdal, you can experience our long traditions when it comes to food and culture. Welcome!

The locals of Oppdal (known as Oppdalinger) are proud cultural bearers of our long traditions. We want our guests to immerse themselves in our history as mountain people through the communication of art and culture by visiting a gallery, the museum or going on guided tours.

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Oppdal is part of the Trøndelag food culture. Trøndelag has mountains, fjords, the open sea, forests and cultivated land, which offer the basis for growing produce with the purest flavours. In Oppdal, you will discover the taste of mountains. Sheep, cattle and reindeer all graze in protected landscape areas. Food producers throughout the municipality supply high quality fresh ingredients to restaurants and food outlets. Treat yourself to an unforgettable culinary experience at one of the many places to eat in Oppdal.

The taste of mountains