Storli Gard

Storli Gard

Deep in Storlidalen, you will find Storli Gard. This historic mountain farm has been in the current owner's family since the 1600s. The farm is steeped in history and tradition, and the hosts are passionate about preserving and continuing the traditional farming life.

Storli Gard traditionally focuses on sheep farming as its main livelihood but has also been a guest farm for mountain enthusiasts for many years. The farm is located at the end of the road leading into Storlidalen, surrounded by magnificent nature and majestic mountains. Beyond this point, you can only continue on foot or on skis, making it a unique starting point for long hikes and summit tours as it is practically nestled in the heart of the mountains. Notably, the ski trail from Storlidalen to Tovatna is one of the first to receive ample snow in the winter. The farmer himself maintains the trail with a snowcat he purchased to ensure guests have freshly groomed tracks. Additionally, the mountain peaks in Storlidalen are some of the country's most popular for backcountry skiing.

The main house can accommodate 23 overnight guests, and there is a storage loft with 4 additional sleeping spots. The loft is equipped for self-catering.

Staying in the main house also includes being served local farm food. The production of farm-based food products has been an integral part of the farm’s operations. Top-quality lamb from their own flock forms the basis of their farm products. It’s no surprise the meat tastes so good when the animals graze in such a grand setting. Visitors are offered an exciting menu featuring various lamb products, local game in different varieties, mountain trout from Tovatna in season, and, notably, beer brewed from the farm’s own microbrewery.

For gatherings and other events, the main house can host and serve local and other locally sourced food for about 50 people.

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