Oppdal Zipline Park

Oppdal Zipline Park

Oppdal Zipline Park consists of 8 different ziplines. These range in length from 50 m - 140 m long and are up to 40 m above the raging river below. This is an exciting tour that suits almost everybody. Our leaders go through the park together with your group provide guidance.

Ziplining is a spectacular activity and an unforgettable experience. In Opplev Oppdals Wilderness Camp, you can try a zipline that takes you across the Driva River. Soaring above the river canyon along a 140-meter long steel cable, 30 meters above the river, you’re in for the time of your life. The return goes diagonally back to the starting point. A journey that will make your heart jump.

Participants ride the zipline one at a time and are under supervision by professionals the whole time. Everyone receives a climbing harness, safety equipment and a safety briefing.

Ziplining is not physically demanding, and is suitable for all. The activity takes about one hour to complete and can easily be combined with other activities that Opplev Oppdal has to offer.

The Wilderness Camp creates unforgettable experiences, with team building suitable for all. Opplev Oppdal has programs for companies, school groups, families, bachelor parties, and friend get-togethers and is open year round. This is the perfect location for your get-together with a large lean-to with a grill, fireplace, table and covered sleeping area. Sleeping outside but under shelter. You would need a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad.  Suited for up to 30 people. Accessible water, and power facilities and two modern outhouses.

Opplev Oppdal is a certified eco-lighthouse company, a quality badge that secures a safe and pleasant experience.

Opplev Oppdal: Rafting, zipline, canyoning, wilderness camp. Learn more on our website.

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