Playa del Rauøra
©Martin I. Dalen

Playa del Rauøra

Visit Rauøra - the Riviera in the heart of Trollheimen.

Oppdal is more than just mountains. It is also lazy days at the beach, unlike any other beach. Rauøra. Among swaying birches and snow-dressed peaks lies a beach that resembles the French Riviera much more than a mountain lake. In magical surroundings, like a white pencil stroke in the heart of Trollheimen. The summer if Oppdal offers only a few days suitable for lazy beach days. Cherish them, and the will stick to your memory.

To get to Rauøra, drive towards Gjevilvassdalen, west in Oppdal. Passing summer farms where cows are grassing, past sheep dozing in the shade and hikers aiming for Gjevilvasshytta. Soon, you can stick your naked feet in the warm and soft sand, and recognize the feeling of complete content. The sense of summer is so dear to us Norwegians.

Sunglasses, coolers, beach bags, sunscreen, and happy faces.

Rauøra has room for everyone. The kids are playing volleyball while the boats on Gjevilvatnet are making waves that swell ashore. The temperatures in the water are not for amateurs as it never is in the Norwegian mountains, but the locals do not scare easily.

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