Families, adventurers and people who enjoy life to the fullest are all invited to this mighty mountain area. Exploring the great outdoors is easy in Oppdal!  

You will find gentle and accessible mountains, enjoyable biking trails and a “Mediterranean” beach. We have developed adapted activities and rent out the necessary equipment.


Summer and autumn provide new highlights along a varied and extensive network of hiking trails. The 48,000 or so sheep that graze here each summer do a wonderful job of maintaining this world-class trail network. 

Oppdal is a playground for adults who like to be playful. We recommend spending days here filled with mountain biking, mountain running, mountain hiking and climbing.

People have been traveling through Oppdal for more than 1,000 years. They left traces. We can see these historical traces in the nature from days gone by.

This is the history of Norway, which has also left its mark between the mountains here in Oppdal i several historic paths.

It’s the way this history is presented that is interesting. A nice, 1.4 km long gravel path has been developed at the Vang burial site, complete with informative and partly funny statements carved in stone placed by the path. The new attraction Fjellportalen (the Mountain Portal) at Hjerkinn depicts exciting stories from when the mountain people lived a nomadic lifestyle from hunting and moved with the animals. The Pilgrim path from Oslo to Trondheim runs right through our municipality. You can walk all or part of this well marked path, either on your own or with certified pilgrim guides. 

The tiny but solid St. Michael’s Chapel is open year-round at the end of the narrow Vinstradalen valley and offers panoramic views of the village. The path continues along the mountainside and down to the village. The Bortistu culture trail is a circuit offering an insight into the local history of the beautiful Storlidalen valley in Trollheimen.

Dovrefjell National Park is one of five places in the world where the muskox lives. Seeing this rare, shaggy animal in the mountains is a majestic sight.

Join experienced guides and see wild animals in their natural habitat in the Norwegian nature.

We offer high and low activities and experiences that bring the family together and turn the holiday into a memorable adventure.