Being mountain people is fun, even if it’s only during the holidays. There is also lots of space in Oppdal, which we will gladly share with guests!

In Oppdal, you will easily find accommodation. There are 21 restaurants and cafés to choose between. You can have some classic mountain days and walk along well-marked paths, hang up your hammock and swim in mountain lakes, or take part in nature-based activities both high and low that enable the whole family to challenge their boundaries.

Oppdal is the natural starting point for the mountain areas of Dovrefjell and Trollheimen. You will find hiking routes and mountain peaks here that are among Norway’s most popular hikes, such as Snøhetta and the Trollheimen triangle route via three mountain lodges. The mountain areas are majestic and impressive, yet friendly and hospitable with short distances and easy ascents.

Mountaineering experiences